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Vida Blue

  • This is the Vida Blue wooden bow tie from our Classic Collection.

    Personality: Electric, bright, carefree and playful, Vida Blue is fun and vivid. Anyone who wears it can appreciate the skillful texture of the wooden engravings, the candid impression of the woolen fabric and the amusing, cheerful character of this excellent accessory.

  • Proudly designed and handcrafted at the foothills of Mount Olympus, Greece.

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Precisely hancrafted

The Exallo process combines technology and design with excellent skills in crafts in order to provide customers a timeless piece of art.

Each stage of production, from design and processing of materials up to the final touch, is handcrafted  in our own workshop, which is based at the foot of Mountain Olympus.

Nature  inspire us  and we turn our manufacture into unique aesthetic creations.

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